Create Real Estate Community Pages that Convert

Create Real Estate Community Pages That Convert

You’ll Establish Yourself as the Local Authority

Real Estate Community pages give you, the local expert, an opportunity to show potential customers that you are an authority in the area you serve. It’s a great way to establish your local brand.

  • Buyers will be looking for your insider knowledge of the area. A practical guide showcasing your knowledge of the local market, schools, attractions, restaurants, and other small details will set you apart from your competition.
  • Sellers will look to your site for information on current home prices and market conditions. They will also be able to use the details you provide about the community to create selling points when it’s time to market their house.

A popular expression in real estate is ‘location, location, location. So, show them you know the location.

You’ll Have a New Marketing Tool

A well-designed community page can be a great marketing tool to share across social media, landing pages, email marketing campaigns and print.

You’ll Be Found Where It Matters Most, Online

If establishing yourself as a local expert isn’t enough of an incentive, think about your biggest customer online, Google. When someone decides to buy a home they’ll usually start with Zillow, Redfin, Trulia, or If they don’t already have a realtor, the first place they will go is Google.

To find someone local they’ll use a search term that includes the neighbourhood, city, or area. If you don’t have any unique content to be indexed you may have trouble showing up in Google search. Sure you may show up a few pages down the list if you include some keywords and metadata in your website but that won’t do you any good.

Why is Google so important?

Let me put it this way, 93% of browsing experiences start with a search. 87.35% of the search engine market is Google. There’s a reason ‘Google has become a part of our vernacular.

The first page of results gets around 88% of the traffic which means you need to be found early. Since most customers are going to search for an agent based on an area you should have content on your site that reflects the area.

Community pages are particularly helpful as a ranking factor. A community page creates on-page signals which communicate the presence of NAP+W (Name, Address, Phone, Website) in relation to your Google My Business account, as well as keywords and domain authority. In short, Google sees that you are authentic and have something of value to add to the community. On-page signals make up 13.8% per cent of Google My Business signals (25.1%), link signals (16.5%), and review signals (15.4%).

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